Wogans Perfect Recall quiz show - does anyone have a recordng of this show?

    I am going ot be on this show in a few weeks time and have never seen it!
    I have searched on torrents and usegroups any episodes but have not yet found any that worked.
    So I am really hoping the nice people on HUKD can have a look and see if they have a recording of it - i think it was on in february
    this would really help my preparations for the show


    I have PM'd you a link


    woo go you! its pretty simple-he reads facts out and you have to recall what he's told you. x

    Good Luck!

    Original Poster

    thanks everyone
    rwm 24 - i am trying that link now, its taking a long time....
    really hope it works (sent you rep)

    Original Poster

    thanks for the link for the practice questions
    seem nice and easy - hope to get similar on the day

    Original Poster

    wow thats great - didn't think to check youtube
    hes also got a part 2
    rep for you

    I always check there for programmes, usually find what you are looking for

    Glad I could help, and good luck!

    Original Poster

    unfortunately the same episode on megauploads and youtube!

    Original Poster

    found another 2 episodes on megaupload
    thanks for your help
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