Wolves v Man City - a goal to be scored in the match EVENS! William Hill

Posted 16th Sep 2022
Never seen odds enhanced like this. Was 1/40 (£10 stake would have returned 40p profit. Now 1/1 (£10stake returns £10 profit).

Seems a little too good to be true?

Max £10 stake. Available for existing customers.
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    If you have Betfair exchange, you can lay over 0.5 goals at 1.06.
    Even with 5% commision that is £8.81 profit on a £10 bet.

    Lay £19.80 at 1.06
    Thank you. Have done just as you have suggested. Easy money
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    I'm not even covering 0-0, I'd probably take them odds on Halland to score at the minute.
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    Yep, it’s a great deal , 16/1 for a 0 0 draw so even £1 on that as a back up guarantees a decent £6 or £9 profit
    Can boost it on on Grosvenor from 17/1 to 34/1 for a 0-0 draw! 48239206-Yyqjr.jpg
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    What happens if its postponed. Do you get stake back.
    You would indeed
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    They always only offer me £4.50 on these. So much for £10 max stake.
    That’s a bit of a random amount
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    They enhance odds like this all the time to try and get people to spend money with them. Most people will keep the winnings in their account and spend them, a few people will also add more money once they get a feel for it. It's a win win for them
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    I'll take them odds lol. I'd be very surprised if it turned out to be a 0-0 game.🤞for a free tenner
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    halland is a beast
    I wish he'd stop scoring. He is phenomenal!
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    Yep he is. Peps a fraud though.
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    Good deal hopefully
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    All the clubs spending hundreds of milliions & they let City steal Halland for fifty odd million, if Halland played for San Marino he'd still score.
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    Regularly used offers on Skybet like this and then got banned, so using the offers got banned
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    Easy 10. Thanks op
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    thanks £10 for me and £10 for the wife easy money
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    The house never loses.
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    Halaand just stop, Ridiculous!