Woman finds mobile phone in packet of crisps

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    In the history of processed cuisine, many foreign objects - animal, mineral, vegetable - have found their unsavory way into our food. Whether its the rats head found in a can of green beans or a severed finger in a pint of chocolate custard, theres a good chance youre going to put something wrong in your mouth.
    Woman finds mobile phone in packet of crispsSuch a fate almost befell Emma Schweiger from Wisconsin, who was happily stuffing her face with potato chips crisps when she found herself holding a knackered Nokia handset covered in a delicious greasy potato-chip film. Seemingly such a generous free gift puts some folk off their fat intake, as Schweiger doesnt want chips for a while. Some people, eh?

    Our favourite quote from the Janesville Gazette, the paper the broke the news, has to be:

    Shes glad she found the phone and not a child who might have put it in his or her mouth, she said. Shes also glad the phone wasnt in a product she would have heated, she said.

    Americans have the reputation for being fat knackers who shovel food in their mouth, but its unlikely a small child would manage to mistake a mobile phone for a potato chip and consequently choke on it. And if it was a product that needed to be heated, we suspect that only a stupid person would do so in a sealed foil bag.


    What a scoop !!!!
    Could do with a new phone lol

    This story's got a great ring to it.


    What a scoop !!!!Could do with a new phone lol

    hahaha me too :lol:
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