Woman killed friend and cut out her baby this in london evening standard.... i dont think i wanna meet anyone off the net now....poor woman only went to get baby clothes from her. there are some sickos out there.

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    A woman is accused of killing a heavily pregnant woman and cutting open her abdomen to take her baby.

    Korena Roberts, 27, is then said to have tried to pass the boy off as her own but the child died.

    She has been charged with the murder of 21-year-old Heather Snively, who she befriended through a website.

    Ms Snively's body was found at Roberts's home in Beaverton, Portland, with injuries to her head and stomach.

    Medics had earlier been called to the house where they saw blood on the floor and Roberts's boyfriend trying to revive the infant.

    Doctors, who were unable to revive the baby, determined that Roberts, had not given birth.

    Police returned to Roberts's home and found the body of the mother hidden in a cupboard.

    A medical examiner said Ms Snively, who was about eight months pregnant, died of "blunt and sharp force injuries".

    Roberts's boyfriend is co-operating and does not face charges, the sheriff's office said.

    "At this time, it has not been determined if she died because of head wounds she received or as a result of cutting injuries she received to her abdomen," a spokesman said.

    A grand jury will hear the case and Roberts might also face charges in the infant's death - if laboratory tests determine he ever took a breath.

    "The issue is, was the child alive at all at any point in time," said Washington County district attorney Bob Herman. "This is certainly unusual for its circumstances and nature."

    Investigators said that Roberts, who has two other children, had been telling friends and relatives for months that she was pregnant, and told many people she would have twins.

    Ms Snively had recently moved to Oregon from Maryland.

    Her mother Heidi Kidd said her daughter met Roberts a few weeks ago through Craigslist, an online classified service. Roberts told her she was pregnant and wanted baby clothes. They befriended one another and kept talking online.

    Mrs Kidd said the boy who died was to be named John Steven. "I'm still in shock. It hasn't hit me," she said. "I mean, that initial phone call. I just couldn't believe it. I just could not believe I was talking about my own child."

    Neighbours said Roberts bought a pushchair at a garage sale and set up a crib on the front lawn of her home.


    Thats horrible and very scary. Thoughts are with the ladys family xxx

    oh dear

    Not 1st time it happened,saw a documentary on tv about it filmed in America,happens a lot there.

    that is so sad and shocking that poor girl and her baby, there really are some evil people going around

    This is so sick - It's very upsetting. I so feel for the family.

    Oregon from Maryland

    .....only in america.........omfg:w00t:

    What a horrible thing to do.
    This lady sounds seriously mentally disturbed and should dealt with accordingly.
    There are some sick, sick people about.
    My thoughts are with the family of Heather Snively.

    oh my word ...don't trust anyone !

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    i know.....really disturbing. especially as she could have died from the cutting of her abdomen. the guy lost his wife and kid. so sad

    my lawd :-( some crazy people out there


    don't meet people off the internet. Even the sane are frickin weird!

    sad and extreme
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