Woman Who Put Methadone In Baby's Pacifier To Stop Him Crying Jailed For Three Years

Found 9th Jun 2010
Susan Taylor, 29, from Edinburgh, Scotland has been jailed for three years for putting methadone - a heroin substitute - in a baby's pacifier (dummy) to stop him crying. Ms. Taylor admitted to a charge of culpably and recklessly causing the baby to ingest methadone, to the danger of his life in November, 2008.

Ms. Taylor said he was a "grumpy" baby. She says she rolled the pacifier in her methadone measuring cup before putting it in his mouth. He sucked on it for about five minutes and then passed out - his faced turning gray and his lips blue.

The 10-week-old child almost died, the court heard. A "huge" quantity of methadone was found in the baby's urine. Advocate depute Morag Jack, prosecuting, told the High Court in Edinburgh that it is too early to tell whether the child will suffer any lasting effects.

The case could not be reported until today because her partner was facing trial - she had admitted the charge in September, 2009.

Lynn Cowan, 28, was also jailed because Ms. Taylor had told her she had given the baby methadone - information she failed to pass on to doctors when they took him to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children.

The baby cannot be identified for legal reasons. The court was told the baby is no longer in the care of either woman.

Sequence of events:

* Baby cries a lot.
* Taylor gives baby methadone to stop the crying.
* Baby passes out.
* Cowan comes in wondering what is wrong with the baby.
* Taylor tells Cowan what happened.
* They take the baby to hospital, but neither of them tells the doctors about the methadone.
* A urine test reveals tells doctors there is methadone in the baby's system.


Awful isn't it. Poor wee babby - god knows what kind of life it had. Been following up here in our local news.

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Awful isn't it. Poor wee babby - god knows what kind of life it had. … Awful isn't it. Poor wee babby - god knows what kind of life it had. Been following up here in our local news.

Pathetic, stupid thing to do.
Got off lightly I reckon.

Always the same - don't know how these people are even allowed to have kids never mind keep them when the authorities know exactly what their lifestyle is - especially getting methadone on prescription, she's not doing it on the quiet so they knew what she was beforehand. Rant over.

Makes me sick, Poor child.

tight cow, could have got the baby a ten pound bag instead but oh no had to get a freebie prescription......

She'll get the 'birds droppings' kicked out off her big time and rightly so.

Thats awful cant understand why innocent children are left with drug addicts there just no way they can care properly for a child

should have been 10 years! Evil woman!

First time in such cases were they blame the real offender and not the social worker, health visitor, ..etc

stupid woman. Should of given the tyke mephadrone not methadrone!

she'll needs some down her to stop her crying now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



These people should be sterilized. Scum

Damm woman deserves everything she gets .... poor kid tho .... however not everyone on methadone is a junkie .... it's also used as a painkiller in severe cases ..... my hubbie takes it for severe pain but has been treated like scum by people who should know better - when we moved house the snotty receptionist at the doctors looked down her nose at me and treated me like dirt when I asked for his repeat prescription...... until I put a complaint in writing and put her straight. I shouldnt have had to do that but people do jump to conclusions.

Not saying this woman had it for any reason other than the wrong ones though, just wanted to make my point that some people do have it for other reasons.

read this story somewhere else today, so sad poor child :-( Thank God he survived

sorry for the "bad word" admin but the bitches should be put to death
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