women drivers eh!! now where did she park the car....

    Gear mistake flattens sports car

    Police are investigating a crash in which a £30,000 jeep ended up parked on top of two other cars, one of them a Porsche sports car worth up to £45,000.

    It happened at about 1700 BST in the car park of the Co-Op supermarket on Belfast's Lisburn Road.

    It is believed the female driver may have mistakenly put the automatic jeep into drive instead of reverse.

    When she accelerated, the car mounted the Porsche and a Toyota Celica which were parked directly in front of her.

    The Porsche Boxster was damaged on its wing and bonnet, while the Toyota Celica was crushed.


    didnt know u had a jeep holly

    Jus read this on the news....silly women...i guess she was blond (Now im gonna get told of so....some blonds are attractive :p)


    she done well to start the engine tho'

    Wonder what her reaction was..

    I know getting a parking space is hard sometimes but come on now lets at least try !!!!!!!

    I'm a girl... MOST (but by no means all! ...does this make my comment ok?) women drivers do my head in!!! :oops:

    Original Poster


    Wonder what her reaction was..

    first this

    and then off to the pub for a pint!!:-D

    one question: what was she wanting to reverse into to?
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