Women eh?

    The new flat is finally sorted, full of lads gadgets and not a cushion, curtain or carpet in sight! Ornaments? what are they....

    anyway time for the test, dave's latest came round last week to inspect... (it's what women do) she was impressed but pointed to my lack of a toilet brush? I'm a bloke so don't know what a toilet brush is...) So she turned up the next day with a toilet brush.. "Cleanliness is next to godliness" she said (god know what dictionary she uses)

    ...Now I don't mean to be ungrateful but I've been using this brush for six days and sod it I'm going back to paper.. I mean am I doing something wrong cos to be honest.... It hurts me....

    Not only that but it sprays sh t all over the walls, this can't be hygenic??? Anyway I now have to keep a pot of magnolia emulsion by the toilet in case visitors come, I rush upstairs and quickly paint the wall, it just passes as woodchip!

    Anyway needless to say I've dumped her, by text.. well she was weird, she said I also needed a toilet duck! Now that's just cruel in my eyes!



    lol.. (or is it not a joke?)


    lol v funny!!!

    pmsl :giggle: :giggle:

    fab :-)


    very funny:giggle:

    Funny? The poor blokes being deadly serious! Ive met his ex you should see what she did to the poor Andrex puppy! and the time she got a bidet confused for a biddy was a nightmare!
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