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Found 2nd Mar 2008
Hi everybody,

I'm trying very hard to find a women only gym in South Manchester (i live in Victoria Park) I've put on a lot of weight after having my second child and as a result i am pre-diabetic and suffering from gout! Plz plz can someone help???
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dont know of anyy gyms near you(we have a curvy girls gym not sure if they have any more gyms) but have u thought about joining any exercise classes in the leisure centre as i never see any men at the clases or the rosemary conley diet class do diet plans and excercise for around £4.50 a week.just a thought as i am also trying to lose weight
holmes place in manchester printworks has a woman only section try the one in parrswood complex but it will be expensive
congrats on ur kiddies! got two lil boys and i know wat u mean, my local fitnes first has a womens only room which they dont advertise. might be worth ringing main gyms and asking if they have this facility. good luck!
is there any reason you want womens only?

is there any reason you want womens only?

Read the OP,self explanatory
looked at the local leisure centre website and it seems a few of the gyms there do a ladies only hour so it maybe worth checking your local leisure centre gyms if u havent already done so
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