women! sheesh!

    missus was just watching "the one show" on bbc1 and they said that tomorrow their special guest was racing driver jackie stewart. so she turns to me and says "isnt he dead?"

    "why do you think he is dead?"

    "he was in the paper yesterday"

    Im truly speechless!


    If it's not in Grazia/other generic womens mag, they have no knowledge of it.

    slap that woman, lol

    why would he be on the one show tomorrow if he is dead

    Sport. Women. What did you expect!

    Isn't Jackie a!!

    Well nothing suprises me to be honest, I came back from work today and found my wife using my car washing stuff to wash the garden furniture buckets sponges shampoo the lot and why she had to use the chamois cloth god knows I was not happy!!!!!!

    She was probably thinking of James Stewart.:)

    Comedy gold

    your missus was watching " the one show" and you're complaining? lol


    Isn't Jackie a!!

    i dont know either..

    U've lost me :oops:

    Fair enough that she might not know if a sportsman is still alive... but the fact that he is going to be a special guest on a TV show should have given her a hint.... lol

    was she thinking of murray walker?

    Colin Mcrae perhaps?
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