Womens shoe size question.

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Found 22nd Nov 2009
Proabably better if I ask the girls on this one. Am looking to get my girlfriend some shoes for Christmas so have been through Mount Veshoevius to see what size she wears. Most of the ones that I can find just say 37 on the sole. Does this translate to a 'proper' size like 3,4,5 etc cos the shoes Ive seen are all sized in that way. Yes she has got small feet lol.

Any help would be great.

Thanks alot in advance



Its a size 4...

Size 4

It depends on the brand but the majority of the time a 37 will be a 4.



Its a size 5

I think your mistaken my friend :thinking:


http://www.dancesport.uk.com/shoes/conchart.htmyep size 4

oOOhhh we are google buddies lol xxxx

typo - 4

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thanks alot everyone really appreciate that...I wasnt being lazy btw I found some charts just didnt realise that the 37 was a sizing from abroad so got a bit confused! Will rep everyone thankyou!!

EDIT: Rep left for everyone thanks alot...Mods you may close

You don't know what shoe size she is,omg typical bloke lol

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You don't know what shoe size she is,omg typical bloke lol

trust you to have a dig you evil mankiller.

if they had normal sizes on I would be fine lol

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