Womens shoe size the same as mens? PLEASE READ

Okay I want to buy a pair of free runs but the mens ones aren't in my size BUT the exact same ones are in womens sizing, so I was wondering…
Are they the same? I can't see how they aren't??


In my experience women's shoes are narrower and shallower.

You might get away with it if you have slim, woman-like feet X)

If you have "man fat feet" no chance.

No mens shoes ones, size for size are one size bigger

M 9 W8
M8 W7
M7 W6

if you can fit into women shoes then buy them by all means. however you would need to try them on before buying them.

They're usually slightly narrower, sometimes however they're exactly the same except some marketing pr gave them "female specific colours". Trying them on is necessary.

It's easier for a female to fit mens shoes in the same size than the other way around.

Generally there is a difference, as others have said the women's shoes tend to be narrower. A lot of my shoes, I buy the exact same ones in the mens instead as they're comfier than the women's. Some brands are worse than others though, even in mens some brands I have to get 8.5 instead of size 8, so I never buy shoes without trying them on first anyway. Are you able to try them somewhere before buying?

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Thanks for all the replies, they're from the Internet so no chance of trying before buying! I was just curious to be fair!
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