Womens white work shirts wanted

    Does anyone know where I can get womens plain white (fitted) work shirts? They must be shirts that button up to the neck (not blouses) cos I have to wear a tie. Im currently wearing mens but wondered if it was possible to get womens. Any help in finding these would be appreciated.


    There are LOTS of places???

    Have you looked at TM Lewins?

    That's what all the pretty ladies in the City wear - usually they have a 4 for £100 deal on....

    I certainly have a voucher somewhere or code if needed....



    Primark?new look?asda?

    have you tried m&s if your small you could maybe even get away with school wear!

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    Primark?new look?asda?

    I have tried loads of places and they are all blouses - they dont button up to the neck. Primark Asda and matalam are all like this - no top buttons or buttonholes.

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    Thanks for all your quick replies

    LJM if you are not a large size-couldnt you wear the fitted girls school blouses? I got nice ones for daughter from an online retailer-i think its called schoolwearexpress -they are Trutex and dont need ironing

    like these…5/7

    ofcourse depends on what you need and your budget

    Got some school shirts in my local M&S on clearance (part of a split pack I think) for about £1-2. Had a lovely white 3/4 sleeve shirt, full button up, fitted, age 16. Looked quite a reasonable size, too big for my 14 year old who is a size 8 to 10. Might be worth a try?

    I have a women's fitted long sleeve white Ben Sherman shirt, not sure of the size, but I can dig it out if you like. Only worn once. Probably a 14. Would that be any help?

    there was an offer on the vouchers or freebies section of hukd last week for a great quailty shirt for buttons, lol, have a look
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