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    Just had a phone call telling me I had won a holiday by filling in a questionnaire at Wollworths (I did fill in a questionnaire and requested no further correspondance). Caller said I could choose from a number of destinations in the UK and abroad and gave me a freephone number to call and quote my reference.

    Called the number and the answer machine says thank you for calling "Club La Costa".

    Too good to be true?.

    Had a quick look on the net. MSE had a some info on this company as a timeshare operator.

    Anyone on here had any experience of them.

    Wouldn't mind a cheap break in the UK but am wary of the hidden costs.

    Anybody else had this?


    I got the same thing a while back and was tempted to go just to get the m&s vouchers they were offering.

    If you google it and read up on a forum I'm guessing you won't want it, they sound awful.

    2 1/2 - 4 hour hard sell on joining the holiday club, both here and on your holiday if you go. Also you have to pay some charges for it too.

    Like I said, read up on it and make up your own mind, but I stayed well away!

    First, in this day of identity theft I am surprised you gave out personal details and your phone number in a questionaire to a total stranger.

    Secondly, these are often not questionaires, they just a just way to get hold of your personal details so they can call you and tell you that you have "won" a free holiday.

    That is all these questionaires are, a means of gathering people's personal details.

    You wont get a "free" holiday. You will either have to pay some money in advance (tax, administration fee or whatever) or they will say you have to pay for flights.

    Whatever means they use, your holiday will not be "free" or a relaxing holiday as they will spend the week trying to sell you a timeshire.

    DONT bother.

    I've just this minute had a phone call telling me i've won a holiday, I just hung up on it

    As a further to my append above.

    Last year I went to the Outdoor show at the NEC in Birmingham (this is an event for outdoor pursuits and holidays).

    One of the booths there (a very small one) had a sign saying "win a holiday" (they were not actually selling anything)

    There were 3 or 4 people giving out clipboards and a pen, and a form to fill in.

    People were happily filling out these forms and none of the people filling out the forms had any idea who these people were.

    I managed to read one of the signs in the booth and in the small print it talked about "timeshare" and things like that.

    It made me wonder who these people were who were collecting this information.

    I also wondered who they were selling this information on to afterwards.

    I wold be VERY CAREFUL in future if anyone stops you in the high st and says "would you like to fill in this questionaire".

    We went last year to their Scottish resort near gleneagles and had a great time. We had to do the timeshare lunch and meeting thing (they said 90 mins but in reality was about 2.5~3 hours). We were polite but firm, listening to their sales pitch and giving them lots of counter-arguments. By the end they had given us up as lost and we were never contacted by them again. But they tried every trick in the book including sweetening us up with a lovely lunch including alcohol before the 'presentation' - they even sent a comp bottle of wine to the lodge afterwards in a last ditch attempt to win us over! All-in-all it was a lovely 7-day August holiday in a first rate 2-bed apartment for £150. Well worth it as long as you are confident enough that you will resist all their sales tactics and not do anything silly!

    EDIT: Btw, there were no hidden costs. The only extras we paid for were food and drink that we ran up on the tab, which wasn't even that much as we only really used the place as a base to explore the surrounding area.

    My parents also went on a holiday to the Algarve with them, they put off the hard sell til the last day and then gave loads of excuses as to why they couldn't sign up........they laughed all the way home..........only paid for the flight and hire car.

    there is a club la costa timeshare resort in tererife:)

    Been a trial member of CLC. Not as bad as what most people say but only any good if it suits your circumstances. Have met many people who have taken the free holiday and have said no without a problem. Do your research, take the holiday and spend one day firing questions at the salesman then putting him right when he gets them wrong. Then enjoy the other six days. They say a 90 minute presentation but prepare to give a day away. As long as you are clever you can easily avoid the sales tactics and enjoy the rest of your free ? holiday. If you are weak willed though do not go.

    i am weak willed!

    time share beware

    £12k to join plus £450 yearly admin fee plus you pay for own flights

    don't bother they have very nice timeshares but want a fortune off you and all your personal info bank account etc, tyhey stopped me and my husband in Tenerife and wouldn't take no for an answer!!!
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