won a voucher on comp can i split it

    won another voucher on the zavii comp can i use so much on one purchase and some on the other or is it all in one go


    Dont worry about splitting it, I'd rather have the full amount thanks :thumbsup:

    How much is it?

    Original Poster

    i dont want to sell it i just wondered if i had to use it in one go

    How much is it for?

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    5.00 the voucher is

    Another? - I aint won any yet grrrrrr lol

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    i was suprised i hardly ever win anything

    ive not won anything either


    5.00 the voucher is

    HuuummmmmMMMMMM? :-D


    i cant find anywere on the zavvi site that stores your vouchers like hmv does, only way to fnd out is add it or contact zavvi, you can contact them via your account in the message centre


    HuuummmmmMMMMMM? :-D

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