Wondering how much this pc is worth

    Since I have a few parts spare I decided to build a PC, all new parts except the graphics card. and case is new.

    AMD Athlon 3700+
    250 gig IDE Seagate hard drive.
    1 gig Kingston ram
    ATI 9700 graphics card.
    Dracula case with loads of leds.
    Freeview PCI card with aerial and remote.

    Motherboard with 6.1 surround sound and optical output.


    Original Poster

    Any advice?

    Personally i would say £150-£200 max.

    About 150 if you can find a buyer.

    about 200 pounds...

    £200 quid

    Strange post, if you built it all except the card then you know how much it is worth!!


    I recently sold locally something very similar for £130. I started with £150, but for a month there was no interest at all...

    About 150 seems a fair price if you can get it.
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