Wonky Telly

    Ok, so I got a new tv a while ago with built in freewview. It has now been mounted on the wall but the picture has gone completely on various channels. 1-5 are gone and so are a few of the freeview ones.

    Everything was fine until a few days ago, could it be a loose connection? Been playing with the wires for days and no joy.


    Could be.

    Have you tried a rescan?

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    Have you tried a rescan?

    will try tonight, figured it was just a connection.

    Freeview I believe are changing some channels around. I had a message saying after 13th April I would have to rescan so maybe it is similar issue.

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    Thank BurntEffigy and CyDoNiA

    yes when analogue is turned off in your area a freeview rescan will be required.

    ours isnt turned off until September hence we get no freeview HD channels until then:(

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    fingers crossed, been thinking it's a huge problem. Hope it's as easy as this!

    Our analogue was turned off mid last year. We find we have to do a retune every few weeks.

    London doesnt have analogue switched off until 2012. your tv is fecked.

    edit: your built in freeview is fecked, maybe caused by a flood?
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    ok so re-scanned last night, the freeview channels came back (for the most part).

    BBC channels are still missing though!

    afaik, all BBC channels are transmitted on the same frequency (don't know the technical term)
    that's BBC1,2,3,4,CBBC, News and red button.
    Are all of those missing?

    Struggling to find any more info (at work - sites blocked), but googling 'freeview channels' should bring up some info on the frequency that you need to tune to in order to pick up the BBC channels.

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    yeah there all missing, checking it now.

    some channels have moved, e.g channel; 4 is now on channel 800.
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    done a 'first installation' and all the channels came back and are now where they are supposed to be!
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