Woo - Just made a Straight flush on pair plus playing blackjack :)

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Found 29th Oct 2009
Was on a losing streak, so bet £1 on Pair Plus to 'get lucky'

Dealth a J and 10 of Diamonds, Dealer dealt a 9 diamonds.

£1 @ 100/1 is very nice!!!

Although after getting a bit excited and withdrawn i've forgot to actually finish the hand of blackjack :P

And no word of a lie, i found an unused scratchcard on the floor.....

Unfortunatly i didnt win....

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Nice one,How many thousands have you spent to win that £106 :whistling:

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Quitting while you are ahead then .?

i dont believe in gambling

nice bit of luck there! happy for u

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Quitting while you are ahead then .?

already withdrawn the 110!!!

I did 100, then forgot to actually finish the hand
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