Wood Chunks for BBQ smoking

So, can anyone tell me where I can get oak or similar hard wood chunks for smoking on the BBQ?


try your local co-op. my corner shop co-op has a small section for bbq stuff like plastic plates ect and on the bottom shelf they have the oak chips and also apple wood chops. their about £4 for a bag and its about 1.5kg bag i think. so you dont get much. hope it helps

Hickory wood is the stuff you want.

I see jim bean ones in tesco and jack Daniels ones in t k max I'm sure most big supermarkets May stock some kind of these

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Take a look at planetbarbecue.co.uk/sho…tml
They'll sell you all you need, but also a good source of bbq Info

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Cheers gang!

your welcome, glad i could help

Garden centres that stock Weber often have some (Weber do hickory chunks or chips and I think mesquite). Wilkos do hickory chips. I got 3 bags of hickory chunks last year in an out of season sale at a garden centre.
Alternatively look out locally for fruit trees (apple is good for smoking, as is pear, plum etc.) i think fruit trees need to be pruned fairly regulary so having a word may pay dividends. Also keep a look out for oak trees in woods etc, there may be branches lying around.
I got some oak at a national trust property just by asking and also some walnut from a factory.
Lastly if you see a tree surgeons van & shredder parked up, then stop and ask what they are doing, you may get some there.

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Good tips, thanks
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