Posted 14th Mar 2015
Do Homebase/B&Q offer a wood cutting service? I have an under the worktop, two door kitchen cupboard which my gas meter is in. The people that installed the kitchen units left the shelf out of this cupboard because of the meter. I would like to put a shelf in it (the holes are there already for a shelf). There is a piece of wood fixed at the front where the doors close, which looks a bit complicated to remove. I'm thinking of getting two pieces of wood and putting a support in the middle (as one long piece won't fit it because of the wood fixed at the front). However, I would need a piece around 8" wide and 5" depth (so 3 cuts in all) cut out on one side of one piece of wood to fit around the top of the meter pipes. I haven't got the right saw to do this, etc, so was wondering if Homebase offer this type of service? If they do, how much do they charge please? Also, for a cupboard shelf what type of wood is used - is it MDF or something? Thank you.
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