Wood stove / fireplace ?

    My dads after a stove to put into the fireplace - one that can burn wood, with a chimney.

    They seem to be fairly pricey everywhere.. anyone know of anywhere good to look? or any deals about?

    Pic of what i mean in first post

    thanks for any suggestions


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    your dad needs to understand room size, insulation, expectation, & fires stated efficiency plus fuel seasoning.

    it can be alot more expensive than you think depending on how far you go with alterations getting a firm in etc.

    tell your dad to go & speak to the lovely & very clever people at Navitron forum (honest green people, physicists etc, they will enlighten him no end.

    Q what sort of money does he wish to pay?
    pm me if he'd like a chat, we put one in & are likely to put another in sometime soon, pretty much all the kit was located off ebay, however our stove is a very high efficiency contempory piece of austrian kit, if I were to get a new / slight second unit I'd look at firebelly over in Halifax, they do slight seconds from time to time (just having had a clear-out).
    mightily impressed in terms of their looks & capability at a friends in relation to my own Austroflamm.

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    its not really meant to be for anything other than burning some logs to keep just that room warm and cosy.
    I think his very basic need is just to have a unit that he can burn logs in. At the moment, theyre just burnt in a metal grille.

    we already have a normal chimney - i think he just want this one to have a tube pointing upwards to filter out the smoke.

    thanks for all the info above

    Ok, so he has the classic inneficient open fireplace typ -15% throuhg to +15% in terms of heat output.
    roomsize equates to heating requirements as does current insulation et al.
    lets say it's doubleglazed in his house so you may require an opening from outside for fresh air, (esp if above 5kw heat output)
    greymetal (google it) seem to do some nice robust & cheap units in terms of output v price, if he doesn't want to spend as much as a firebelly costs.
    Trad looking fires if cheap are often made of poor metal & inneficient so need to research.
    Is he in a restricted smokeless zone or similar?

    A good output with good efficiency in terms of measured & certified output will be burning around 1.6kg of fuel per hour (estimated). which is a good size basket per day / evening dependant upon many attributes, some as already mentioned.
    I was lucky my chimney was already lined with a glazed terracotta pipe, so no need for expensive twin pipe.
    if the chimney needs re-lining winter is not the best time to get a good price on a small length if thats all that's needed. for instance I paid £36 inc courier for 7 metres in the summer as an end of job pice from someone elses install.
    this is peak season for fires so prices rise considerably.

    my mum and dad have just had one fitted they paid bowt 250 i think off some website and then about 17 for courier to drop it off and they got someone to fit it for them.
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