Wooden collectors type Dolls House.

    Has anybody seen a good deal for a wooden dolls house, I am looking for one that is at least three stories and not really wanting to pay more than £70 for a new on or £40 for secondhand.


    where are you for colelction?

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    Rossendale, Lancashire.

    I have a brand new one that is still boxed it is a sue ryder one. I bought it off e bay for my daughter in a few years time but have had second thoughts as this is really more a collectors thing. It is pink and if you look on in the dolls house section there is a four storey one at the top priced at £99.99. Mine is the same as that but 3 storey and its a hickleton house. Would be happy with £70 but it would be too heavy to post it would have to be a courier unless you are going to be in the worcestershire area in the next few weeks?

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    Do you know what the stair case is like and if it has internal doors? I have a maximum budget of 70 so that would have to include the courrier aswell that is the mos i can pay for one.

    Yes I think there are internal doors but not 100% and the staricases are wooden and have spindles to put on I believe. I only got it out to check it was all ok when I recieved it so it has been under the bed for a few months. It is absolutely beautiful. Let me look into how much a courier would be and I'll come back to you I'm sure we will be able to come to some arrangement. I start on 4 late shifts from 1300 today though so may take me a day or so you happy for me to pm you with details???

    Just found a photo of the inside on the web go to and into the stories at the top. second one down says sue ryderdolls house great value for money. click on there and there are some potos of the inside of the 4 storey one which shows the staircases and on thinking about it there are doors.

    Have found a kiddies dolls house that she could have for christmas so if you are still interested will do it for £75 delivered.
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