Wooden kitchen worktops ?

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I am please looking for anyone's experience of having wooden kitchen worktops? Are they a bad idea in a busy household with small children? With staining easily amd all the maintenance involved etc..
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We used Ikea. 2 off the shelf and 3 custom. The largest, for an island 2mx1m, warped and we had the devil's own job getting Ikea to admit liability but we got there in the end and they replaced it. Both had recessed sinks and you need to take care to mop up ever time you use the sink.

Busy kitchen, kids from 10-18. Just make sure you have loads of matts/boards easily to hand and put saucers under plant pots for when the watering overflows. Re oil/varnish/wax them 24-36 months or immediately if damaged by water otherwise you get a black ring

I greatly prefer them to plastic.
Our walls are anything but square and it was much more cost effective to have a joiner fit wooden worktops. I love them, I lightly sand and re-oil every year. The colour will change over time and scratches will show if you can't sand them out, but I wouldn't swap back to any other surface.
I choose wooden counters and am about to move again and won’t go for it again, call me lazy but like first poster said I don’t like constantly making sure the worktop is water free (although I also went for the wood draining board) I also noticed that green fairy liquid was staining it and changed to orange or red, I also now don’t think much to my Belfast sink, again it marks easy and really you have to have a plastic bowl in it to save your glassware so because it always has an ugly bowl in it it’s hardly worth it! I can post photos if you like xx

Ps I am apprehensive about fitting something other than wood and not liking it though!
Had wooden worktops for 10 years. You have to do the some maintenance to keep them looking right, but its not hard work. They will pick up marks over the years, but that weathering is part of the charm. Personally I would avoid using them in the sink area, and we have a granite surround and drainage area for our Belfast sink.
If you get a ready made one it should be no problem but if you get one which needs finishing (varnishing) after being fitted you should take care. As a french polisher I understand the processes needed to get a secure seal most builder, carpenters don't and wouldn't spend the time to do the job. Water can creep in and once in will rot the wood around sinks and on backboard etc.

For those looking for savings I made my own work surface using solid oak wooden flooring strips :-)
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