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Found 5th Apr
Need advise on getting wooden or laminate flooring for my upstairs bedrooms, landing and stairs. I already have wooden floors downstairs which has been there ever since I moved on.

As I am on a limited budget my first inclination is to go for laminate.

Will it look out of place if I had laminate for my stairs and wooden downstairs? I know that matching the floors may not be possible.

What are the main advantages / disadvantages of either flooring ?

I am thinking of getting the flooring from somewhere like Wickes/B&Q.

Any suggestions for where else I can source flooring cheaply? Has anyone used online suppliers?

Any thoughts would we welcome.

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I would carpet stairs. Its not that much.
Only downside I can see is it could be noisy if you laminate the steps. Especially if you have kids who already sound like a herd of elephants when they move about.

Maybe carpet for stairs and landing and laminate for the bedrooms, although I would go wooden/laminate downstairs and carpet on the stairs, landing and bedroom.
For the kids I would laminate it due to the amount mine have spilt on the carpets in the past.

For your own bedroom I would carpet if you can
Again I have wood floors downstairs , but carpets upstairs. Noise is going to be worse if you laminate upstairs , for your neighbours too unless you are detached or have thick walls . To be honest in the middle of winter if I get up in the night I want warm carpet under my toes, not chilly wood too.
Thanks for your comments. Don’t have kids and noise is not a problem. Cleaning should be easier with wooden flooring.

Has anyone bought any flooring and could recommend a retailer or online?

Laminate is horrible, have a look around for wood flooring deals, there are tons of places that do them, it's worth the extra money.
If you want cheap go into one of the carpet/flooring stores and check out their remnants or returned products.
You can normally a good 50%+ saving.
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You can get laminate flooring which has real wood layer on top. It gives the feel of real wood but is cheaper than real wood. They are reasonably priced at wickes. They are often on sale, so they are great value if you get them on sale. I think they are called engineered wood, or something like that.

They cover on different price range, depending on how thick the real wood layer is.

You can't put laminate on stairs. Not only are they noisy, they are slippery, so not recommended. Also they are designed for flat surface, so there is nothing for them to grip on the stairs treads. You would have to glue them and that is dangerous as the glue may give way with time.
One thing to remember is laminate flooring is cold, we only have it in the kitchen and in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs.
Never seen anyone laminate stairs, and quite rightly so.
The nosing trim for the tread will make the stairs laminate quite expensive, better to carpet the stairs
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