Wooden window blinds wanted.

    Can anyone recommend some good quality/reasonably priced, wooden blinds ?
    My window is 240cm wide with a 120cm drop.

    Best price wins rep :-)

    Thanks in advance.



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    Having a look now..... dont think they'll have the exact size i'm after tho.....

    It's unlikely that you will find the perfect size anywhere, Ikea ones you can cut down to size.

    With Ikea you buy the next size up & their blind cutter (couple of quid), and cut to size. Easy to do & only takes a few minutes.

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    Sorry mate, I want decent quality ones.... I reckon the "LINDMONS" would last about half an hour in my place :oops:

    If your happy with 240 * 130 you can get ready made ones ]Here at £96.86 or 240 * 120 made to measure at £107.62 - You could undo the 130 drop one and take a few slats out. There is also 5% quidco.

    I've not used these as went with Binds-supermarket but they only appear to do up to 200cm width.

    Ordered from these in the past and was really pleased with the quality and fit (plus they're cheap for made to measure!)…nds

    Hope it helps!

    Sorry - someone beat me to it as I was typing! lol

    I bought some for our studio and they were only £14.99 and they are brilliant, they were from HYPA VALUE in Swansea and I am very impressed, they are not wood but look like wood, and are great to clean, also had various colour, i.e. teak, oak etc - I would definately buy again

    Cheaper still ] at as low as £79.53 delivered inc £5.99 del - Free over £100

    No idea if any good though - Obviously Slat width adjusts price - Most of mine are 25mm so you can use the window board. Depends on the shape of the window I suppose.

    "their blind cutter "
    Is this allowed under Health & Safety Rules?:whistling:


    "their blind cutter "Is this allowed under Health & Safety … "their blind cutter "Is this allowed under Health & Safety Rules?:whistling:

    He doesn't mind, it makes a change from the meatballs... :-D
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