Woohoo i'm getting brain surgery!

Sounds crazy i know but i had a shunt put in my head to drain spinal sfluid from the centre of my brain into my heart 2 1/2 years ago and it has never really worked as it moved and got wedged.
Surgeons in Oxford wouln't fix it saying it is too dangerous.
Hubby and I have moved to Derbyshire to be closer to my folks and get treated in sheffield as they have great rep for my condition. well had 1st appointment with the Neuro surgeon and i had a CT and xrays there and then and he agreed to operate may even be before xmas.
The move was worth it and i can't wait to get it done.
Just can't help telling everyone how excited i am!


I hope everything goes well.

gl hun ,

my boy is under oxford hospital for a disease in hes skull bones mr wall , and to be honest they are absolutely great with him

you need it after moving to Derbyshire
best wishes

:friends: Good luck with the op Dmissy, hope it all goes well for you

hope all goes well

Really hope everything goes well for you, Everything come second to your health and it puts some peoples complaints into perspective,Best of luck

Good luck, hope all goes well for you


Aww hun, Good luck. Let us know when won' ya. Fingers crossed x


oh wow that's great news

all the best sweetheart my hopes and prayers are with you

Good luck, hope it all goes well.

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Thanks guys i am so chuffed i am litterally dancing around the room lol

"as they have great rep "

Tell us his username and we'll all give him more rep for you. :w00t:

Best wishes to you.

good luck

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Tell us his username and we'll all give him more rep for you.

I know a lot come on whilst at work i hope he doesn't lol

good luck to you missy - hope all goes well - you sound so positive - go girl


I know a lot come on whilst at work i hope he doesn't lol

Perhaps he could post pics of how it's going. :w00t:

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I would love to watch the video

My prayers for you:thumbsup:

so pleased for you...... you sound a lovely, positive person. i hope the results are everything you hope for :thumbsup: xx


Sounds Really good

Good luck

good luck hope you do ok

Glad that things are going in the right direction and all the very best to you.


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OMFG I love the Hallamshire it's only been 2 weeks and just got the call telling me when i am having my surgery........................................NEXT MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy the move was so worth it, we havent even got a house yet (still at my folks) but i get the surgery woohoo!!!!!

Just shows how poop my other surgeons were had surgery in August too in Birmingham had been waiting forever for Northampton to do it, 2.5 year wait with Oxford and Sheffield opperate within 3 weeks!!!!

Fab news and good luck for next Monday dmissy xxx

congrats hun, hope it all goes well xx

good luck hope every thing goes alright for you


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Thanks guys i hope they don't find a worm in there lol

Thats FANTASTIC hun.

Wow 3 weeks :shock: health board down there sounds great

Good luck, I hope it does the trick and means you'll have an amazing 2009 ahead of you.

Great to see someone with a positive attitude to surgery - that's the spirit!

Hope the recovery period is short and full of supportive friends and family members :thumbsup:

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Thanks guys had my pre op today took over 4 hours they were great and were suprised when i said i was excited about it all lol
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