Woohoo im graduating today

    Think the title says it all today is graduation day, graduating at 2.30 this afternoon so that uni done and dusted for me plus today is the day i start properly living in my new house!



    Have a great day.

    I wish you all the luck for the future:-D xxx

    Congratulations...........enjoy the day.


    Nice one.

    Congrats and best wishes for the future



    Congrats mate and good luck with everything

    Nice one - welcome to the rest of your life .. .... ..... ....

    Well done. HUKD house warming party????


    well done

    Original Poster


    Well done. HUKD house warming party????

    lol il have to get back to you with a date tho

    graduation party tonite in the bot for anyone who knows it :thumbsup:

    well done! CONGRATS!
    looks sharp look smart for that graduation photo is going to be on your parents' walls ...

    and PARTY ON!

    Well done Hope you have a great day

    Congrats ... well done you & best of luck for the future x

    Don't forget to wear a crash hat under your mortar board - Graduations are dangerous events ....

    A university has asked students to refrain from throwing their mortar … A university has asked students to refrain from throwing their mortar board hats in the air to celebrate graduation in case someone gets hurt.

    I must have been lucky to servive both of my graduations with no injuries!

    Well done!! Best wishes for your future. PARTY PARTY PARTY!!!

    Congratulations, enjoy your day.

    Well done allstar! A double celebration

    Congratulations allstar, what uni were you at and what did you study? My graduation is tomorrow :O

    Congratulations...enjoy it! And the rest of your life
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