Woolworths Customer Services telephone number

    I've just been having no end of trouble with Woolworths. They don't advertise a phone number anywhere on their site and everything has to be done through a message service which takes up to 2 days for them to respond.

    So here it is, folks - 0844 8117111

    Woolworths customer services. May prove useful if you have any problems.


    01706 862789 got this number off ]http//ww…om/

    [email protected];2579430

    Easy to find any number - http://www.saynoto0870.comAlternatives for … Easy to find any number - http://www.saynoto0870.comAlternatives for Woolworths : 0844 8117112 and 01706 862789

    beat me to it :thumbsup:


    beat me to it :thumbsup:

    First place I look...

    [email protected];2579448

    First place I look...

    you snooze you loose, im still half asleep from working nights:lazy:


    you snooze you loose, im still half asleep from working nights:lazy:

    I'm half asleep from heavy drinking and eating!

    [email protected];2579518

    I'm half asleep from heavy drinking and eating!

    lucky you

    Original Poster

    [email protected];2579442

    Ummm... details are there in full...

    It said on the website that any queries made to "store" customer support regarding "online" orders would be ignored.

    I hadn't noticed they'd given me the same number.

    They're an absolute shower this lot.

    I've been trying to get my forgotten password from woolies which you can only do via phone. When I try the phone number they advertise "Forgotten Your Password please contact us on 0870333 7111" it says it's for orders and after sales.

    Tried aftersales only to be put on hold several times. :x for a long time without being answered. Guess they don't want my custom

    Charlie Brown

    I eventually got through to someone, who reset my password. Surprise, Surprise, I tried 1 hour later but still couldn't log in using reset password. Got it changed a 2nd time. Now when I try to get into, I keep getting error code on the screen and a odd http address. Sent yet another email and waiting for them to get back. Maybe I should just give up now.

    Ordering with woolworths = a fiasco.

    No wonder the physical stores went under.

    I ordered 1 dress up costume, received 2 and a flippin' woolworths account.

    Now I'm being badgered to pay the credit! The dress(es) were horrible, cheap and badly made anyway and I didn't use them.

    I'd say avoid, the shops used to be acceptable but only for the pic n mix.

    And I'm not calling the 0844 number which I expect will cost a fortune.

    what a shower Woolworths is I ordered a onsie for young boy Ninja turtles design. the website clearly shows free returns! beware the labels they send to send parcels back are not prepaid. I thought the delivery charge was bad enough £3.95 + a £1.00 what for I don't know. During order procedure I noticed you could pick at a local shop thinking wrongly no delivery charge would be made but was sadly wrong, when the order arrived the onsie was more like dressing up costume cheap thin material like bad quality teeshirt did not even unpack took to the post office I had to pay £2.60 2nd class return disgusting. Cannot email or get through on the telephone to register my disgust at this service do not be fooled no wonder they went bankrupt avoid them at all costs!
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