Woolworths Did The Dirty On Me-Sort Of-What Can I Do?

    Over the bank holiday, Woolworths were offering the following deal on the Microsoft Xbox 360:

    1x Premium console with Pro Evo 6, PGR3, 1 wireless controller, £269

    I rushed around every store to get this deal before it ended, and felt pretty good when i got it. Lo and behold, the offer did not revert back to its previous price, but changed to the following:

    1x Premium console with Gears Of War, PGR3, Crackdown, 2 wireless controllers, £299

    I know that this isnt the same as a store lowering its price on an item the day after i purchased it, but it is very similar-is there anything i can do. It seems unreasonable that what i bought what was a "special bank holiday offer", only for that offer to become even better after the bank holiday ends.

    Thanks all.


    seems you can...ignore me.

    Try speaking to the Manager at the store and see if there is anything they can do for you. :thumbsup:

    Can try and say you are disillusioned with them etc

    However I kind of think this is a preference thing as some people may prefer your deal as it's cheaper; doesn't include Crackdown and the extra controller but it's also £30 cheaper.


    u have a 14 day nmoney back garuntee.

    Woolworths will exchange or refund the price paid for any item bought from a Woolworths store if it is returned unused, as sold, with the original packaging and within 28 days of purchase.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the response all, unfortunately i have used the console though so i guess i cant really take it back. If theres no clear cut procedure then i guess i'll settle for what ive got, ive spent the last two weeks replacing my busted one for a spangly new one, i dont want to have to try and get rid of another one now if it wont be a relatively simple matter. Woolworths were good enough to refund me my on my original box, i dont want to push it too far.

    Thanks for the advice, sorry for sort of wasting your time.:oops:

    Didn't waste my time, as I now know you can return stuff to woolies within 14 days, as long as its not opened.


    Its still worth arguing your case, Even if the console has been used.

    You haven't wasted anyones time, I've asked far more silly questions than this!

    He who dares....

    As mentioned above, I'd have a quiet word with the Manager, to see if there's snything (s)he'll do - you never know! - After all you'll be offering to put another £30 in their tills.

    Perhaps try suggesting that you pay the shelf price for Pro Evo - as you have used it, and in return you get Gears of War, Crackdown and another controller for £30?

    You never know until you try!!

    Just pack it up & take it back, you have 7 days no quibble warranty to return it. Just say you dont like it.........then get your mate to buy you the other one lol
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