Woolworths hammock

    Does anybody remember a while ago, there was an offer for 2 seater hammock at woolworths for £25. Does anybody know, how long is the warranty? mine has broken. haven't even use it more than twice. the roof has broken in 2 pieces.

    do u guys think they would replace a new one? really gutted.


    if you bought it online i think it should be in your account online on the website? you can print out the receipt or email them-it should last longer than a few months anyway!…-9/

    Should definately last you longer than a month, best to ring them & see what they say!

    They probably won't have any left to replace it with so will just refund your money - try it with them though and try and get them to replace it with a different one.

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    Thanks guys, will try.
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