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    its only showing electricals like games, mobiles etc oh and books, so things are looking really bad now, i went on to see if i could find some bargains and was very dissapointed to see it had all changed, sorry if someone has posted about this already, but you never know it could just be my side fraggling up lol internet is a bit slow and i am a tad impatient


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    Here you … Here you go

    thank you :thumbsup: so not just my internet lol

    can i delete this myself or does a mod need to do it? lol

    No not just you! :thumbsup:

    I would leave it on, not everyone would have seen the earlier post

    Useful information :thumbsup:

    Woolworths are in deep S*it - read a couple of days ago their stores might be bought up for £1 as they have
    debts of £380 million.

    It said they have not been able to compete with the big 4 stores & internet sellers.
    Sounds like they have a management team who have grasped new technologies - not !!…O80

    bye bye woolies - wont miss your horrible run down looking shops !!

    Perhaps there will be a big sell off of stock mmm.............

    its alright if you have the big stores near be fair to Woolies they have stayed in the high street and smaller towns which others haven't !

    I live in a town on an island (ok-sounds grand-but isn't!)-we have a Woollies and a big M&S-but not too much else in the way of shops-population only 85,000-so the size of a town in England-they are brill for us. Apart from them we have only a local toy store for toys (inflated prices), and no real shops that sell the 'odd bits' Woolworths do-eg. buttons, butter dishes, stationery & electricals as cheaply as they do-they will be missed here !

    I expect if you have no transport you'll miss them as most towns have them !

    I've restored default settings for IE7 as it kept freezing,

    I've just been on Boots and Superdrug website and they look weird to me, is anyone else having a problem with the two sites?

    Not looking good for the employees either take as much as u can and run away lol.
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