woolworths...anyone concerned about the long term viability

    Is it me or has anyone noticed the number of woolworths sales that appear to be happening.

    Everybody knows its tough on the high street at the moment, but whenever I look at woolies I always see large stores with very little customers actually in there.

    With the clearance stuff is it a case of them tryin to generate footfall or desperate cash generation.

    all imho...just curious
    Just wondering how others felt.


    I think it may be old stock?

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    Just had a look at the city news and noted the above.

    Share price at 7 year low, and profit warnings.

    I'm suprised Woolworths have managed to stay for this long. They have no real focus, they dont offer great value and the offer no competition for many of the big supermarkets.

    Edi pointed out store closures a month ago on ]THIS thread....

    You're right.

    The problem is that there's just no need for dedicated multi-purpose shops like Woolies anymore. Supermarkets do multi-purpose more usefully than Woolies and at lower prices, Zavvi, Comet, and all whoever else does specifics (or specifics with side-lines) with much better range and, again, lower prices. The internet obliterates it completely.

    I haven't shopped there in years, and I can't see myself ever doing so again. I guess, the only way for it is down from here.

    They already admited they are changing to an Argos equivilent


    the end of pick n mix?

    I am pee wee;2641194

    the end of pick n mix?

    You really need to think of a new name set nuty.


    their catalogue is rubbish 70% of the items in there are out of stock anyway.

    ps emasu shhhhhh.

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    Right about focus..

    Jack of all trades..u know the rest.

    Woolys is the most overpriced shop on the highstreet, even when they have sales with 50-75% its only what other cheaper stores charge in the 1st place i.e wooden bench posted on here a few days ago at half price from £80 to £40 which was £40 or less at full price in other shops.

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    looks as though my worries of woolies was right.

    Share price is dire...last I heard u could get 1 shares for 1.5p thats some loss when it was valued at 8 or 9p when I posted the original message.

    It will all be over (just after xmas)
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