Hi there, Is anyone having problems with woolworths website? Just says Error.


    Just tried it. It's working for me

    Fine for me

    Original Poster

    must be my computer lol

    Must be..:thumbsup:

    No, I get "ERROR" too!

    Oooh, I guess your using firefox like me, try it in I.E, that worked for me.

    I'm using Firefox and it works fine for me.

    I cant access from AOl but thru firefox its ok. Been like that since early today.

    not working for me either and im using IE

    It wasn't working for me either about an hour ago, all good now though.

    Not working for me now, on Firefox :x

    It's fine for me.

    It's no longer fine for me.

    it was down for me yesterday for a while then back up, now cant get on again.
    guessing its a fault at their end...

    Working fine now :-D

    I'm getting Error too, not sure why! But tried it without firefox and it's working fine....
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