wooo! go, me! (a bit big headed but what the hey)

probs not of interest but i'm pleased wi meself.

tonight I passed my kung fu brown sash.

which involved me being put through the ringer by my instructors on the following

All syllabus hand and kick blocks (1-10 in both, attack and defence)
eight sets/kata/forms (whatever you wanna call them)
6 knife defences
long staff attack and defence
traditional kung fu walking techniques
horse stances
combinations of punches
combinations of kicks inc jumping and spinning kicks

lights continuous sparring (no pads) against 3 different opponents. in this case Black sash and undefeated army champion Hayley Just (she beat the mens and womens army kickboxers!), my training partner Aysha and one of my instructors.

semi contact sparring (with pads)
2 min rounds against Hayley, Aysha, and 2 kickboxer black belts Micky and Mark who are both heavyweights & usually fight full contact matches only!

ripped my big toe open and had to tape it
got a bruised cheek and grazed forehead from not blocking a kick properly
punch in the ribs that woke me the hell back up and made the adrenaline flow again.

its hurts but its all good.

i'm not that into the sparring side of things cos it comes with rules and times bouts and points etc.
i love the self defence and apart from the kung fu I train with guys that get the job done in 3 seconds.
i don't like bouncing around the floor throwing out kicks and jabs and having to keep a guard up.
i'd much rather take someone on in my own way, drop them and disappear out of harms way!
for my black sash tho, I do get to demo that. I get to incorporate my knowledge or pressure points, nerve attacks and joint & finger locks.

as elvis once said




i got a black sash. ill send it ya for P&P

well done :thumbsup:

Original Poster

thanks y'alls

[center]Kung Fu?

[SIZE="2"]I laugh at your Kung Fu![/SIZE]

[SIZE="4"]You hear that I LAUGH AT YOUR KUNG FU![/SIZE]

[SIZE="5"]Me Black Belt in[/SIZE]




[SIZE="5"]And he's on the floor, out cold.![/SIZE]





i did kung fu for several years, spent ages learning the katas

Wow congrates to u:thumbsup:

well done you... hope you enjoyed doing it x x
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