wooohooooo itss saturday :)

    Looks like its going to be a very very sunny day again so what are you all doing ??

    I am going to a king & queen competition for carnival , then going to have a bbq with the family :-D


    im doin nothin =[ except watching sports allday =D

    going to see derren brown tonight,mrs barky is out running atm-probably take dogs to the park after lunch-sun is shining here too.

    thank god im working all day



    Working allllllll weekend.. ='(




    Revising lol. A - Levels are a bitch. Got a test on Tuesday.

    Working until 14:00, then going to relax in the garden with a book & a nice cold beer :-D

    morning aah

    we shall be mostly doing some gardening today,got some sun-flowers & tommys to plant, son is revising for exams next week & my daughter is off to the beach :thinking: cant stand the beach myself when its packed, too much sand & sunburnt people !

    enjoy your day guys :thumbsup:

    Spending the afternoon in the pub seeing if Blackpool can really do it

    Catching up on housework :x


    going to town and buying a few things, then playing red dead redemption all day cant wait



    Catching up on housework :x

    My fella will be :-D


    My fella will be :-D

    Could you send him down here afterwards and maybe he could do mine. I'll chill him a couple of cans as a reward! If he does the ironing too, I'll chill a 4 pack! lol
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