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Found 21st Nov 2009
I had a posted an ad yesterday looking for an iPod on FS/FT.....Someone pm'd me offering an ipod touch 3rd gen for £180 delivered. I asked him to send me a pic of it, so he sent me:


It has the logo of a pic from ebay so I questionned the guy and he said I have it up on ebay as well. So I contacted "him" through ebay and the ebay member contactd me back saying he had no knowledge of this....


Just goes to show you, dont trust anything from PM and be very skeptical on the internet

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This is why the FS/FT rules expicitly ban any trading over PM...

who was the member so we can stay clear


We've already dealt with this, however we'll need to verify the other allegations.

Likewise OP, you can't trust everything you hear either. That might just have been the member who got in touch with you saving face ?



Whilst I have your attention and investigating the above - can you let us know your ebay id ]here.


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