Work colleague leaving... what to buy???

Found 5th Aug 2008
One of the guys from work is leaving this week, and the manager and I have arranged to buy him a small leaving present. The budget currently stands at about a tenner. Trouble is though, we're stumped as to what to buy him.

I gather there's some Indians here, so if there's any reading, or anyone with any ideas, what'd be a good thing to buy him? As it is, he's a 24 year old Indian, he's tee-total & a workaholic who doesn't seem to do much with his time apart from work and study. Suggestions? Anything traditional that Indians give one and other as gifts?

Rep for any help.

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A cowboy?


A cowboy?



some kind of naff usb stress relieving device?

Just a small office? lol
Sorry, couldn't resist.
How about a voucher for a book store?

Seems like he is too tense at buy him a Wigwam and a Teepee.........or just make him a Reservation for somewhere nice................

I dont think being indian has any relevance to what you should get him, perhaps the workoholic, tea-total bit might be an indication on what to get/not get him, hannahs book token sounds about right for the budget

a girlfriend?


Ducky and I have both had to delete comments from this thread which border on racism.
Any further such comments will result in suspension and the thread will be locked.

Maybe if you think about why he is leaving ie new job, moving abroad etc you might be able to come up with something.
New job... cufflinks
going abroad.... passport cover
is his job office related... photo frame, paper weight etc

hope that helps a bit

How about some wine?:thumbsup:

High street gift voucher and a card :thumbsup:

Agree with some of the others... A book token or a voucher from Woolies or WHSmiths...

a cookery book on English cuisine:-D:-D

Original Poster


]Thinking Putty??

Oh, Jesus. This might be the most awesome thing I have seen all year.


Oh, Jesus. This might be the most awesome thing I have seen all year.

Its addictive stuff and great to share round the office! :-D Good stress reliever too!

How about some flying lessons ?

We got a guy some as a leaving present, I think 3 x 1 hour lessons cost £200 (starter course)

Try this place:…asp
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