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    Hiya, im in a need to a laptop fairly soon (within the week ideally). Spec wise, i dont have the luxury to choose. but the budget is sub £300 (ideally lower the better). I'll use it mostly for work i.e. SolidWorks. It'll be nice if it can run a few dated games (CS: Source) but im not expecting it to run any new high specc'd games as im more of a console gamer.
    Dont mind Vista,
    size isnt an issue.. perhaps weight is though.. I was thinking of those tiny ones before Epee's? but im not sure if that has enough power to do much more than surf the net..!

    I've never bought a laptop in my life as i've always had hand me downs (only used for surfing the net), so i have no idea what to look for in a laptop (except the obvious weight/size/power issues) Most of the work i've been doing is on the pc but currently the enviroment at home isnt that suited for working...............

    Thanks for your help! - PS im a Windows fan, I can work linux and other OS's but i prefer not to.. I hate macs :-P

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    The eee PCs and similar have loads more power than is required to surf the net, but the cheaper/smaller ones like the maplin minibook or the Elonex OneT+ are pretty much at the limit of their capabilities doing that (and can't run windows so are of no use for solidworks).

    There's a review ]here (third from the bottom) saying they were running solidworks on an eee 901 just fine. Looking at the SolidWorks ]System Requirements though it seems highly dependant on the complexity of the scenes you're using though.

    For normal laptops, not netbooks, at sub-£300 you're not going to get anything other than a 15", or possibly a 14", weighing around 2.5-3kg if you're buying new so that's not something to decide on. You do want to look at the build quality, quality of the keyboard (if you do a lot of typing) and battery life though.
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