Work Lottery Syndicate?

    I run the Bonus Ball at work and recently loads of people have dropped out because they haven't won in such a long time.

    I am thinking that maybe we should ditch the bonus ball and start a lottery syndicate. It will still be the same principle as the bonus ball whereby we all put in a £1 a week but instead we play lines on the lottery. However, I am not sure on how to set it up so it is completely fair, such as, if someone doesn't pay their £1 for that week, do they not get a line and/or any winnings?

    If anyone here runs a work lotto syndicate could they give me some advice please!



    Way I see it is - if you haven't paid to play that week - then you forfit the right to any winnings :thumbsup:

    be prepared for hassle depending on how many are in it -

    make them pay monthly as you are the one going round trying - yes trying to get money from them

    if you do go ahead go to [url][/url] for a syndicate pack

    good luck:thumbsup:

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    be prepared for hassle depending on how many are in it - make them pay … be prepared for hassle depending on how many are in it - make them pay monthly as you are the one going round trying - yes trying to get money from themif you do go ahead go to [url][/url] for a syndicate packgood luck:thumbsup:

    At the moment I have eight people left. I might be able to draw a few back if I do change to a lotto syndicate.

    I googled some stuff about starting a lotto syndicate and they nearly all suggest having a contract and getting the players to sign it, that seems a bit extreme. I just need to make sure I have a actual "game plan" before I suggest starting a syndicate.

    Its mainly things like what if we win £10, if I have more than 10 players, how would that work? Would we just put it back in and buy an extra ten lines or something?!!

    and I know what you mean about "trying" to get money from them - its ridiculously difficult!

    Good luck with it :thumbsup:

    the syndicate thing on site is very good - i used it when i was doing one

    if its 8 people thats not bad but you will have to make sure people realise they have to pay

    i bet you have put someones money in for bonus ball at least once

    if you do it monthly its easier and you can buy the 4 weekly ticket all at once

    if you only win a tenner - just take it off the next months pay - or save for xmas do - or blow it on euromillions lucky dips

    heres syndicate link

    i run a syndicate at work - we set a strart date and everyone had to pay £10 by that date to be included. I have a book set up which has everyones name in it and they have to sign and date the amount of money they have paid - this proves who has paid and who hasnt'. If you drop out before the year is up then you forfeit any winnings. If they leave the company they can carry on paying to stay in it until the end of the year. We agreed at the beginning that we would keep any winnings until the end of the year - unless it was a big one - over £ 1,000 - at the end of the year depending on how much money we have won i ask if they want to either have a free payment period of if they want to do X amount of lucky dips for christmas (we started on dec 4th so thats why it is in time for christmas) the majority option wins

    I run a syndicate, and I am very lax, I have a check sheet that requires to be filled in when people pay, if people don't pay, I still keep the lines going, BUT if we win BIG then I will invoke the sign up clause "If you miss 2 weeks you're out" and I'll get that share!
    there are 26 lines in ours and I am sure I am out of pocket, People tend to pay up though eventually!
    We have it that if someone's line gets 3 numbers then that person gets the £10, if 4 numbers then they get more and everyone gets a 'free' week. 5 numbers and more, we split into 26 shares and each lineholder gets a 26th of the winnings.
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