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Posted 19th Mar
Everyone at my work place is dismissing this hole corona virus problems, they joke about it, not caring for all the people that are dying, not taking precautions, people that have symptoms still come in and cough loud just to have another laugh, not even a company e-mail got sent out.
I am loosing the plot as this is stressing me out and can’t do anything about it.
What’s everyone’s views.

Ps. I don’t want stay home but my job (electrician) can be done with little to no contact but they are just not interested.
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They will get a bolt of lightning of common sense check when one of their young colleagues/friend die or suffer badly.
Coronavirus seems to attack the millenials more in the West:-…-be

Similar trends (as Italy) have been seen in the U.S. Among nearly 2,500 of the first coronavirus cases in the U.S., 705 were aged 20 to 44, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Between 15% and 20% eventually ended up in the hospital, including as many as 4% who needed intensive care. Few died.

15% and 20% of millions of aged 20 to 44 needing hospital treatment, that's awful lot of flesh, they could laugh at them and joke at them then.
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Sounds like your management are rubbish
Your employer could be breaking HSE rules - quote regarding Covid 19 on HSE site 'Health and safety law says employers must take reasonable steps to protect workers.'
Local tradesmen?
National company?

How many staff?
Sounds like a horrible situation that can only add stress to your life. Very nasty indeed.

If you are an employee of the company, then you have a legally enshrined right to a safe place of work. Only the armed forces and emergency services can legally deprive you of this right and even then they have to DEMONSTRATE risk assessment and viable mitigation steps. Failing to make any provision for Covid19 in the workplace or advise on health & safety with regard to it is a clear failure to provide you with a safe work environment.

Now what can you do about it? Nothing without calling them out and placing yourself in the firing line. The alternative is to move. You could claim constructive dismissal but then you will very likely have to start your own business. I truly don't like that any more than you probably do but it's a simple fact of life. I wish you the best of luck with your choice. Maybe you are ready to fly the coup and join the ranks of the self employed or even of the employer? Good luck. Do it quickly. The stress isn't worth it
And...under HSE act, employees can be prosecuted by HSE for not keeping fellow workers safe...
007xico19/03/2020 16:47

13 electricians, 2 bosses and 1 office staff.

You working in a production environment or visiting the vulnerable in their homes?

Neither way can be a good situation to be in, and I appreciate that in these times its scary for many.

But as said above, unless you call it out nothing will change, given the type of job though I assume a little matcho stupidity is at play amongst your colleagues, or they just genuinely don't see the dangers we are all facing.
Just to add and quote one of the bosses on the phone “only 3000 died in Italy, how many million there are”, “it’s just a flu I get I get it”, “not worried and people die everyday”, “it’s just the media, it’s not as bad”.

I know we need positivity in life but every time I raise an issue (like we need more sanitiser and change the higiene of the office) I get shut down and laughed at.
Been thinking to move on for a while now as this wasn’t the first bullying issue but not a wide move at the moment.
Thank you all for the kind comments.
dufflecoat_moon_turkey19/03/2020 16:50

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I agree, I think it's just black humour and making light of the situation...however, when I was on the books, if I did this, my previous firm would have dragged me to HR to explain my actions and rapped my knuckles.
They have a duty of care while your at work ,this is a legal requirement.

Email to HR or email your line manger so it’s documented.

Then they have it in writing and will have to do something
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The whole virus thing is overblown to maddening proportions and the only winners will be hedge funds. This is heaven for them and there will be quite a few billionaires made when all this thing is finished and life goes back to normal. Unfortunately for majority of people this will mean lost jobs, lower pensions etc etc. And all because of panic.
A juvenile reaction to genuine fear in all probability. It's the school playground again..
"I'm not scared"
"I'm not scareder than you are"
Yes you are"
"No I'm not "

giggle giggle.. "ooh, you nearly said a rude word"

He he he he.....
I don’t see what’s wrong with a bit of humour, I did a sweepstake on who was the first person to self isolate for no reason.. but as a work place it’s took seriously, everyone has their temp took as you go in and we are on lock down to all visitors..
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