Working for Carphone Warehouse.... any good?

Thinking of applying.... does anyone have experience of working for them?


my stepson has just left after 4 yrs working for them and by all accounts not a bad firm to work for, unf he ran into a personality conflict with a manager who made life so disagreeable it was easier to leave plus he fancied a change of job type. by all accounts they have had some issues but seem to be making the effort to sort them out, the xmas do is supposed to quite spectacular by any firms standards

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Ah thanks for that, appreciated.

I don't about working for this company but I think if you can get work in any company right now it's a case of grab it to keep the money coming in.

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I´m thinking of jumping ship and saw the´re advertising just now.

i've been working for carphone for about 10 months... best job i've ever had! absolutly love it... unfortunatly they aren't currently recruiting from outside the company. and with regards to the xmas ball, it is the largest company party in europe, held at alexander palace, however, thats been put on hold, as the big man doesn't see it fair to party when we've just laid half our head office off
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