Working for Sky call centre Glasgow

Posted 20th Jan
Looking at working for Sky at the Glasgow call centre, worked retail and now looking at something different. Has anyone had any experience working for them and whereabouts in Glasgow is it. Cannot find an address for them and how close to Central Station is it?
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I thought it was in livingstone, near Edinburgh.
Maybe Uddingston
Think they have a few.

One on Clydebank years ago. Down in the industrial estate.

Think they have a sales on in Uddingston, similar to Virgin and Scottish Power. Possibly all third party centres run by one large company.
Tannochside Business Park, Uddingston?
Yeah, I know about Uddingston (amongst others) but this one is Glasgow City Centre but no address is given.
glazgowkiss20/01/2020 08:26

Yeah, I know about Uddingston (amongst others) but this one is Glasgow …Yeah, I know about Uddingston (amongst others) but this one is Glasgow City Centre but no address is given.

Ok so a quick google shows they also have an office at City Park on Alexandra Parade so that’s a possibility.
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Last I heard they had offices in sauchiehall Street. Check the glass door website for reviews.
Is it Sky direct or a third party such as webhelp tsc?

I thought they only had call centres in Uddingston and Livingston.
Worked for sky couple of years back one of the worst companies i have worked for. Just no care about the staff and its just all about sell sell sell.
From locations it sounds like a company called teleperformance the do outsourcing for lots of companies..

they are above old bus station between cadogan street off argyle street..

Sauchiehall street is back of pavilion theatre

City park is out on the parade..

Went for an interview years ago for a role.. seemed alright wasn’t a phone position though.

I think between other options are kura up near m8 and sky park has few out there. One of them would have sky contract if teleperformance didn’t
I would consider the long term of Sky. They seem set on Linear Tv. I’m paying £30 odd a month and no where near getting value. Can’t wait to finish my contract. The future is streaming services such as the likes of Netflix etc...
Their churn rate must be so high.
I’m sure they also have offices at sky park (finnieston) which could be the Glasgow branch.
You will get £20 off your monthly Sky bill if you work there. But given the working hours and mind numbing work, most people don't last. Most of these places see 80-100% employee turnover in a year.
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