working from home - is anything legit?

    i have the idea of workig from home, but ive read may of these places are just scams.

    however i know some people can legitimately work from home and earn money, maybe not a huge amount but better than being on the dole.

    so does anyone here work from home? or have any info on real work from home sites/jobs?

    thanks in advance.


    i would also love to hear about any work from home jobs as long as thery r real

    People from The AA, RAC, BT and Travel Agents and loads of other big companies work from home, not sure how you'd get a job but they do exist.

    Original Poster

    yeah i know places like that have people who work from home, but i was thinking of jobs that anyone could get, no matter what experience they have.

    I work from home

    Its a pub



    I work from home Its a pub

    Your very welcome here :thumbsup:

    you can try affiliate marketing


    I work from home Its a pub

    what pub do you work at?


    I sell Avon and do a bit of selling on ebay.

    Why not try doing an open university course.

    own pub in N Wales



    own pub in N Wales

    Very nice :thumbsup:

    If you see anybody advertising big money for working at home then it's a scam.
    What sort of skills/qualifications do you have (apart from net browsing) :-) ?

    This isn't mean to be rude, but whats wrong with going out and getting a job and working out of home?? I know the last thing i would want is to be in the same building all day long.

    Stinger, do you have any skills, talent? For example, if you can play an instrument, you could make a "how to" video, and possibly write an ebook and sell it on evilbay. The best way to make money is to sell something that you own the rights to. Say for talking sake that you played saxaphone. You could make a 1 hour video about the basics, learning to play, a few tips that you might have picked up etc. If you were to sell it on evilbay for £6.99 or more delivered, apart from the £1 post, and 10p disk cost, you would get all the money. It won't make you a millionaire, but you might sell a few a week for some extra cash. Offer worldwide postage etc. It can be for anything that you have a PASSION for, within reason! :whistling: I bought a DVD from a guy who made it himself about "learning guitar" a while back. I think it might have been £9.99. It was quite good, and I did pick up some tips. He had over 2000 feedback for selling the disk. 2000 x £9.99 = £19980.
    Another way if you have some time, is go round your local charity shops and buy and sell stuff. There is loads of people who do this and it is not what it used to be, but still easy to do and does make you a few extra quid. Can also be fun if you like that kind of thing. Best advice again is to focus in on something that you like or know about. Old books, records, clothes etc. Some people make a good living doing this, easily making more than £200 a week. All the Best!

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    ok thanks for the advice to those that gave it.

    i dont have much skills except im good at data entry, im pretty fast at typing.

    also i do sell stuff, but evilbay keep charging more and more these days so its getting to a point where it isnt worth it.

    unfortunately i dont have any musical skills, i wish i did as the dvds are a good idea.

    i do keep an eye out in charity shops but its tough to find good deals.

    i guess ill have to keep looking - i have a condition which prevents me from being around people for long periods of time, it makes me uncomfortable, nervous etc - so i prefer to be on my own. so unless there are jobs out there where i never have to speak with people or see them, ill be fine lol.
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