Working From Home - what can I claim for?

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Is there a reference list of costs small businesses can claim for when working from home? E.g. office space at home, mobile phone, lunches, utilities etc?

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Depends on who is doing your accounts. Aggressive accountants allow you to claim the lot and more but then the HMRC gets interested at some point. Mine says stick with 80% of mobile phone, broadband etc and only claim meals when more than 20 miles from home. You can also claim Directors meeting(s) periodically but there are strict rules. You can claim office furniture etc and pre date your company set up by three months if you kept the receipts. Be wary of claiming for a room in the house as it backfires when you sell the house. There is a fixed amount you can claim. But in doing all this, be aware also of PC costs etc when sorting out home contents insurance and make sure you have the right cover in place.

try googling 'small business cost allowed against tax'…yed but note it says self employed…18/…es/
Do u use a vehicle for your business that's probably main and easiest to add. And using the new simplified version is probably so much easier and most likely best but remember you can't swap between the 2 once u use 1 system to claim it on the same vehicle.
Go ask at at your local tax office
are you working for someone and "choosing to work from home" ie they have an office elsewhere you could work from.If so that would bed ifferent as you are "choosing" to work from home
As above.... There is a huge difference if you are self employed or employed.
Working for myself, Ltd company
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