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    I will be getting a item from the USA end of the year costing me $201.99 - £132.27. How do I work out the import tax ?. I'm just hoping that I will not be hit hard on this as the cost is a little outside my comfort zone as it is.

    Also are there another costs to expect ?. The £201.99 is including airmail, will this cover transit when in the UK ?.


    This should / might help

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    Royal Mail will charge you £8 admin fee also.

    heres another link…htm

    you might get away with not paying anything, eg if the sender accidentally ticked 'gift' and declares it under a certain £135

    Imports from America always work out expensive!

    actually gift items £40 and under are exempt from tax.

    I paid ~£15 on something worth £50 sent as a gift. Im thinking on a £200 item it will be quite steep.


    expect to pay around £40-£50 in duty / collection fees on £130 purchase

    They are very strict recently.

    One item import from US cost £90, get charge £30 for all the fee
    One item import from Singapore cost £45, get charge £15 for all the fee

    Import duty is not that much.
    But post office parcel force dhl city link charge £8.00 to £20 just to process you bill
    Now that hurts.

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    Hooray, so more costs to come. No chance of it being ticked gift as I am getting it from a online store. Best start saving now then for all the extras.

    Duty is around 2.5 % VAT is 17.5 % so that's 20% also the courier with charge around £10-15 by paying the tax then billing you with a admin fee. I would always go around 30 % total.

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    Its getting more and more.
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