Workout e.g. Biceps, Six Packs

    My 16 year old son wants to get a six pack, and improve his muscles I have been trying to find some excrcises for him but no luck. Anyone recmmenved a site or rotine to hellp himget his six pack also I want tok now sohuld I give him protein powder? He sayhs everyone at school uses it but is it really neccassary at his age?

    Thnkas will give rep!


    ask BG1

    There are so many sites out there but here is one that may help ]http//ww…ia/

    shape fit tracker website i think gives lots of variation on workouts

    Taking protein powder or protein shakes, you still need to work out whilst taking them. There just used as it speeds up the muscle build.But just changing your diet to have more protein (meat, eggs, baked beans ) will help with this.
    For a six pack, the best and most simple workout would just be sit ups.]Also this is quite a useful website as you really need much specialist gym equipment

    a good diet and good exercise regime will help your son no need for protein powder or enhancers hes to young, worth taking him to a trainer at the gym and getting a free programme worked out for him if he is serious

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    repped veryone!


    A six pack is about low body fat. Interval training is one of the best ways to lose fat.

    Protein powders are supplements - they should be used as supplements and not meal replacements.

    For biceps I do

    - 21's - 5 sets
    - Isolation Curls - 5 sets
    - Dumbell Curls - 5 sets

    Tell him to pick a weight with which he can perform about 10 reps before his arms tire

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    thanks everyone

    get proper professional advice,a lot of the advice in this thread is ill informed,this is your sons body/health after all

    is your son a member of a gym? I would really recommend les mills body pump classes, it gives you a really good work up and builds lean muscle and burns fat you start with lighter weights and increase your weights when you get stronger

    hes too young to work out i think, he is still in a growing stage
    he can always work out later?
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