World Book Day Dressing Up Ideas

Posted 13th Feb
Hi, it is that time of the year again for world book day and I am stuck on ideas on what book characters should my kids be dressing up as. Just to let you know last year my son dressed up as Dannis The Menace , daughter 1 dressed up as Angelina Ballerina, daughter 2 dressed up as Hermione Grange off Harry Potter. They were all non standard costume, as in standard everyday wear or with Hermione I literally used a black bin bag to create the cape with just a school uniform and her father's neck ties to complete the look, This year I needed some more ideas for nine year olds please it has to be costumes that I can just put together myself again, thank you.
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How about refashioning the Dennis The Menace outfit in to a Minnie The Minx for one of your daughters?
Where's Wally a popular one
My pal sent one of his lads in as Guy Martin Bobble hat, overalls, oil on the face, spanner and a mug of tea
What about Diary of a wimpy kids costumes.

Very easy and cheap to put together

Can get a template for free here or can easily draw your own…747

Dress them up as Lottie Lions (from last years Apprentice TV show).
She's a librarian (although that wasn't made obvious. Oh wait, it was every 5 seconds).

All you'd need would be some Plasticine to put on their noses
George’s marvellous medicine for the boy. It’s so easy: just jeans, red top and a wooden spoon and jug! Add glitter to the spoon and jug to make it ~fancy~

Matilda is a good one for a younger girl, blue frock, white cardigan, red hair bow and a big book to carry!
Stig of the dump!
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