World book day tomorrow and the school wants the kids to dress up

    Any ideas what my son can go as?

    Most kids turn up with a off the peg fire hazard disney princess dress or marvel character costume.

    I just don't have a clue, last year i sent him in as the boy from where the wild things are as he had a grey hoodie and tracksuit bottoms, we just made a crown with ears on from cardboard and i stitched a tail on his trousers made from the leg of a old pair of jeans. Only one who recognised who he went as was the head teacher.

    This year all i can think of is send him in wearing his pikachu hoodie which has pikachus head on the hood and black joggy bottoms. Or just pretty much his school uniform with a cape added for Dracula.


    Moved to ask Also World Book Day is today and i'd go with Pikachu, least he'll be warm

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    Well the school day thing is tomorrow yes it is awful out last year he didnt even wear a coat on the day just tshirt and hoodie, this year he's still wearing scarf and gloves

    Wally, or another character from Where's Wally?

    Worldbook day is today at my son's school, he went as Dennis the menace, I just got a red polo top, painted black stripes on and pair of black shorts, red socks, black shoes. It cost me £2 in total for polo shirt & paint. Is sprayed his hair black as he's blonde but it was quick & easy costume. How about Charlie Bucket from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory? Just need ordinary clothes and a golden ticket?

    Fanstastic Mr Fox
    Mr Twit
    Horrid Henry
    Harry with his bucketful of dinosaurs!
    George with a bottle of Marvellous Medicine!

    My son went in as Wally today, he looked fab
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    usual uniform
    give them a twig and you got harry potter
    add hat / glasses and its willy wonka?

    My sons burglar bill you just need a striped top make an eye mask an a flat cap.

    Football kit! He could be either Jamie Johnson or a character from a Frank Lampard book.

    My son's school was swamped with avengers and princesses today. He had a builders dress up already at home so put some Lego duplo bricks in the vest pockets, wrote Emmet on the id name card and sent him with his Lego movie story book. Not cost a penny, phew! Tried to persuade him to do a proper book character that started from a book not a movie but more important to have a happy kid not to show off to the teachers that "look my kid reads proper books!"

    Dress him in a suit and say he's Mr Gray.

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    I like the emmet one.

    I started thinking peter pan, then it changed to robin hood as he likes the cartoon and has a £1 bow and arrow set and a green hoodie.

    So thats what I've been upto, I've got a choice for him when he gets home of 3 green\mushroom coloured tshirts, i found his poundland bow but realised elf and safety would have a fit over arrows so I've made him 3 out of straws and cardboard and foam sheets, shoved them in a quiver made of orange foam, slipped that over the orange belt for his jeans.
    They are none removable and certainly not designed to work and wouldn't, so I don't think I'll get any complaints.

    So he can wear a green or mushroom tshirt, black jogger bottoms, green hoodie and belt with arows on it, he can hold the bow and if he loses it meh. I've also made him a choice of wrist guard out of some old black socks of his, one I've cut the foot off so it looks like a sweat band, the other I've cut two holes in the end to make it a long fingerless glove.

    Hope he likes it
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    Aww wow good work - you are obviously a good parent to go to the effort!
    One of the lasses I work with told me her kids school aren't dressing up, they've just been told to bring in their favourite refreshing! Fingers crossed for next year!


    usual uniformgive them a twig and you got harry potter add hat / glasses … usual uniformgive them a twig and you got harry potter add hat / glasses and its willy wonka?

    ​I did this!

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    I don't know if local schools have a agreement or something to do it Friday i spotted plenty of fancy dress yesterday in Lego shop but on the way to school today i spotted kids going to the other school as darth vader, 2 knights and disney princesses.

    My sons school is full of captain America, princesses and transformers etc only home made things i spotted was a ancient Egyptian Cleopatra i assume very good and two brothers as really good knights with foam helmets and tinfoil covered shin guards and things. I don't see the point in buying of the shelf, kind of defeats the point

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