World Cup betting - A sure thing (Germany vs England)

    Ok, not a massive football fan so I don't really wanna talk that but I was looking at the betting for England vs Germany as all this world cup I've been putting £1 on the underdog to win (I'm ahead about £10 btw). So this match I read the odds as.

    Germany v England 2.70 3.20 2.60

    So if I put a bet on Germany win for £1 and England to win £1 (£2 total) I'll get either £2.70 or £2.60. Or £20 for £270 or £260. Stick another decimal point on everything £200 for £2700 or £2600 and so on.

    Cus one of them has to win right? I couldn't see anywhere if it said up to 90 minutes or before penalties. All that is on a separate page for betting.

    So I'm obviously missing something and in my drunk haze I can't see it.

    These odds are with I know they might be better odds its just whose account I have (cus of the free £20 bet).


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    Kill the thread

    "Bets apply to full 90 minutes games only, including injury time, not including extra time and penalties, unless otherwise stated."

    Yes, its for 90mins of play. Thats why you have 3.20 odds for a draw

    Yup, you've obviously missed something. Not sure what but I AM sure that the bookies ain't stupid.

    You can bet on a draw as an outcome, so it has to be 90 mins play, sorry

    90 minutes only :thumbsup:

    You can bet on the winner regardless of extra time/penaltys and that type is bet is usually called 'Outright Winner' , 'to qualify", or "to progress".
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