world cup ( potential winners )

    Germany,wow now thats how to score a goal...............or 4


    Did you see the opening game?

    Thats how you score a goal

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    8 minutes [SIZE=7]bang [/SIZE]........:w00t:

    burst the bloody net....ffs


    love it

    England scored with in 4 minutes, Look what happened.

    Germans are always a great team to watch

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    was nearly [SIZE=7]3 [/SIZE]there..:w00t:

    the germans are easily the most impressive team of the tournament so far


    the germans are easily the most impressive team of the tournament so far

    Yer prob. Tho argentina and s.korea have played well


    Least the ITV HD coverage is still working. Guessing the ITV team didn't get excited when Germany scored and managed to keep their beer away from the control panel :whistling:

    germany looking immense, best so far by a mile, glad i got them in the sweepstake if they keep this up :lol:

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    well my moneys now on germany!:thumbsup:

    it was only two weeks ago on here (HDUK) that I was told that I was "stupid" and "dont know anything about football" when I said that Germany would do well - and even perhaps win it the cup.

    I know its very early - but seems i cud be right after all?

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    wer heute Abend spielt!

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    ich frömmle warten bis zum mächtigen Deutschland spielen again.The-Tasse ist ihrig:thumbsup:

    The Germans always do well. I wonder how they do it every tournament whereas England are always crap no matter what.
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