Found 4th Dec 2009
My son has been using the 10 day free trial and loves this game. I have bought him a 60 day pre-paid game card. My question is - is this all he needs to play the game online or do I need to buy him the full version of the game as well? Tried looking on their website but can't find the answer, I'm sure someone out there must know.


yeah i think you need the normal world of warcraft game , then you need 2 add ons ... my bf plays it i hate it ... i think you can buy them from online x

dont do it!

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Like the pics but doesn't answer my question

The first reply gives you the answer.

At the very least you need to buy the full version of World of Warcraft to get the account key to setup your full WoW account. You will get 30 days free I believe and you will also be able to use your 60 day game time card. Adding the 2 expansion packs gives you 2 more account keys to upgrade your account. AFAIK, you don't need the 2 expansion packs to play but most people have them because of the increase in the max. character level and "cool" new stuff/places.


you have just ruined ur childs life. that game is like heroin.

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rather he was playing it than shooting up

You obviously haven't seen the south park episode Make love not warcraft? Worth a watch before you get it for your son, it could be the end of the world.......of warcraft lol.…1-1

You need to buy the game - have a look in HMV/gamestation as I thought I saw it pretty cheap instore there. If not go with Amazon as its a pretty good price. You will need to buy the game seperate - but it does include 30 days free

edit: it is an addictive game, but if you monitor it then it should be fine =D
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